Royce White and the Houston Rockets agree on bussing plan as transportation between games

Applauding the Rockets for their efforts to make his transition into the NBA as healthy as possible, rookie forward Royce White said he and the team have an agreement in place that will allow him to bus to selected games and he will return to the team on Monday.

White suffers from an anxiety disorder and his fear of flying is one of the issues connected to his illness.

He did not report to the Rockets training camp in McAllen while the two sides finalize the details and get approval from the NBA and the players union, which is standard for anything added to an NBA contract.

Earlier on Thursday White said he was waiting for that approval before he returned to the team.

Late Thursday night White told FOX 26 Sports enough has transpired that he decided to rejoin the team on Monday.

“There’s something down on paper as far as a plan of attack,” White said. “Not a letter per se, but it’s a plan and we’re both agreeing to it.

“We’re just going to go forward. The Rockets have shown me no reason to think otherwise. Everything that they’ve done up to this point has been stellar as far as trying to advocate for helping me and supporting me in this illness.

“I see no reason why we can’t go forward. The Rockets are willing to work with me and that’s awesome and it speaks volumes to a change in the culture between industry and mental illness.”

White looks forward to seeing how the plans he and the Rockets have developed help him transition into the NBA.
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